Research Essay Topic

Writing a research essay entirely depends on the research essay topic you choose. It demands a lot of valuable time and devotion in selecting your research essay topic. Research essay ideas are easy to come by, but are difficult to execute. The main challenge arises when you submit your work and wait for your teacher’s remarks. Research essay is simple to compose if you have a good research essay topic. A narrow and deep research essay topic is better than a broad and shallow topic. Choosing the right essay topic will get you good remarks from your professor. The topic you have selected should be deep enough to compose a debatable statement, enhancing you to have stronger position on your entire research essay. Make sure the research essay topic relates to your main stream of the subject assigned.

How To Write Research Essay

Like every other essay, research essay has the same basic format. The first paragraph is an introduction of your essay. Introduction paragraph should be short and it should attract your reader’s interest, providing them with enough information to understand the basic concept of your research essay. Thesis statement or your research question appears at the end of your introduction paragraph.

Main Body Paragraph contains three to four paragraphs. Each main body paragraph has its own argument, counter argument and a strong opinion stating why your views are true. This sequence of argument, counter argument and your opinion is followed till you have completed your third or fourth paragraph. Main body is in depth description of the controversy of your research essay. Remember to form the Main Body paragraphs with topic sentences using appropriate citation verbs.

The last paragraph of your essay is known as the Conclusion of an essay. Conclusion paragraph is the restatement of your thesis statement or research question summarizing the whole theme and giving your audience a sense that your essay has completed. To create an everlasting impression on your audience make sure to end the conclusion with some warnings, advice or prediction.

Essay Writing Tips

Before you compose your essay the most vital step is to create a draft. So that you can plan and make proper essay outlines to support your main body and other paragraphs. A draft is a rough work of your entire essay. Creating an essay draft will assist you in forming a proper essay structure and appropriate essay plan. These basic steps are very important in composing a unique research essay. It all sounds Simple, but the reality is very different to what it seems.

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Essay topic

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Professional Essay Topic Help

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